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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy & Glowing This Summer

Summertime calls for sun-kissed adventures, outdoor activities, and radiant moments under clear blue skies. However, as the temperature rises, so does the need for extra care to keep our skin healthy and glowing! Get ready to brace for the attack of harsh sun rays, excess sebum, and pollution as it becomes challenging to keep your skin protected and glowing during the hotter months. Dull skin, clogged pores, pigmentation, dark spots, acne, and tan are the problems we face during the summer season. By incorporating a few key practices and selecting the right products, we can ensure our skin stays fresh, radiant, and beautifully resilient throughout the sunny days of summer!

Top 5 Skincare Products for Healthy Summer Skin

1. Sunscreen

Sun protection is vital to maintain healthy skin in summers. A sunscreen with high SPF should be your best friend as it prevents premature aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration. In addition, sunscreen provides a shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Applying Sunscreen:

  • Apply a generous amount of it to exposed areas of your skin 20 minutes before stepping outdoors

  • Reapply it every 2-3 hours if you are out all day

  • People with excessive sweating should consider reapplying every 1-2 hours

  • Always choose sunscreen or a moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 30 to stay protected throughout the day

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C can serve as a great addition to your skincare regimen to keep your skin glowing and hydrated in summer. It brightens, evens skin tone, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously repairing sun-damaged. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C fights the free radicals and protects against oxidant-induced damage. You can add it into your skincare practice in the form of a moisturizer or a serum.

3. Tyrosinase Inhibitor

Tyrosinase inhibitors are chemicals that inhibit the synthesis of melanin in your skin. They prevent hyperpigmentation and while reversing the damage caused by UV exposure. Here is a list of some fantastic tyrosinase inhibitors:

  • Hydroquinone - decreases the number of melanocytes in your skin with skin lightening and bleaching properties

  • Kojic Acid- targets pigmentation and inhibits tyrosine activity to reverse sun damage

  • Alpha Arbutin- obtained from bearberry and one of the most effective tyrosinase inhibitors

  • Azelaic acid- helps treat inflammatory hyperpigmentation and has has skin-lightening properties when used in 20 percent concentration

  • Licorice Extract- prevents excessive melanin production. As a result, it lightens the skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots and sunspots

  • Vitamin C- a potent antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitor. It treats dark spots, tanning, acne, and sun-damaged skin

4. Lightweight Moisturizer

The layer of sweat on your skin does not act as a moisturizer so, despite the hot and humid weather, applying a moisturizer is necessary to keep your skin healthy this summer! A moisturizer strengthens the outermost layer of skin to protect it against harmful pollutants and chemicals. Switch to a lighter and water-based formula to avoid greasiness and maintain optimal hydration.

5. Facial Mist

Carry a refreshing facial mist with you when you are out in the summers. Spritz your face with it every couple of hours to keep your skin cool and moisturized. Choose some cooling ingredients like cucumber, mint, and rose water. The cooling mist will provide you with some relief from the scorching heat. In addition, it will add an instant glow to your skin and refreshes you on a hot summer day. You can formulate your own facial mist by mixing the distilled water and your favorite cooling agent, i.e., rose water. Mix both in equal quantities. Shake well and spray when required!

Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Exfoliate Your Skin

During summers, the skin works so hard to ensure that it heals the sunburn or the irritation. However, the rising temperature and increased humidity make your skin oilier. In addition, the sweat and dirt get mixed and clog your pores, resulting in acne and skin breakouts. You can help it by exfoliating the dead skin cells, debris, and excess sebum away. You can use a physical or chemical exfoliant once or twice a week to remove the layer of dead skin cells and make your skin glowing and healthy in the summer switch to a lighter and water-based formula to avoid greasiness and maintain optimal hydration.

Go Easy on Makeup

Heavy makeup during summers is a big no. The heavier foundation, concealer, powders, or color correctors prevent our skin from breathing. In addition, the humidity and the sweat lead to clogging your pores with makeup particles. So replace your heavy foundation and powder products with tinted moisturizers and lip balms. It is best to go for a tinted moisturizer with an SPF or sunscreen powders. It will keep your skin looking good, along with providing sun protection.

Avoid Excessive Cleansing

Cleanse your face twice a day, even if you feel oily during summer. Excessive washing of your face may cause your skin's natural oils to strip away. People with dry skin should go for a gel-based cleanser, and foaming cleansers are the best for oily and combination skin types. Ensure that the cleanser you use is mild and free from alcohol.

Avoid Taking Hot Showers

The hot shower or the steam baths during summer dehydrate your skin. Take a cold shower or a cool bath instead. It keeps your pores unclogged and inhibits acne breakouts. In addition, a cool and refreshing bath before bedtime helps to remove the dirt, grime, and sweat accumulated during the day and prevent rashes.

Don't Forget Your Eye Area

The area around your eyes is the most sensitive, and it needs special care. So whenever you go outside, do not forget to wear sunglasses. It will prevent premature aging of your eye area. Also, apply a moisturizing eye cream daily with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Finally, massage the eye area every night to relax the muscles.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin glow and plumpness depend on the skincare products and how well you keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water every day to keep your organs functioning properly. Your daily water intake should be 2-3 liters in the summers. In addition, eat watermelons and drink fresh juices to keep your skin healthy in summer. Avoid consuming sugaring drinks because they have no hydrating qualities. Instead, they make you unhealthy and aid in weight gain.

Get a Beauty Sleep

Do you know that your skin naturally repairs itself while you sleep? Seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended for adults. It is crucial during the summer months when the days are longer, and we keep ourselves active for longer. Follow an excellent nighttime skincare routine because the ingredients in your serum or moisturizer will work more efficiently when your skin's natural repair system is active.

Don't Smoke

Smoking makes you look old and dull. This is because it narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin and deprives it of its natural glow. Smoking damages the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. The best way to safeguard your skin is to quit smoking.

Summertime Friendly Skincare Treatment

The hydrafacial is the recommended spa treatment during summer to compensate for the damage caused by the hot weather. A hydrafacial is a customizable, skin-friendly treatment with no side effects and incredible results. It detoxifies, cleanses, and rejuvenates every skin type.

The treatment is gentle and painless and is performed only by the experts.The hydrafacial combines the benefits of cosmetic hydraulics with microdermabrasion, extractions, and antiaging products. The vortex technology uses pressure and suction toeliminate impurities from your pores and then nourishes your skin with serums rich in antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. It is a multi-step procedure that is performed at an aesthetician's office. The hydrafacial has a ton of skincare benefits. It makes your skin hydrated, bright, plump, and clear. In addition, it helps fade the aging signs.Though the hydrafacial is an excellent treatment for any time of the year, maintaining the skin glow becomes difficult in summers. The hydrafacial replenishes the sun-damaged skin. It is a non-irritating treatment that helps to keep your skin glowing and healthy in summer

The Bottom Line

Your skin undergoes a lot of stress during summer due to heat and the sun. As a result, some people experience acne and inflammation, while others suffer from a dull complexion. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a proper skincare routine, stay hydrated and exercise daily to keep your skin glowing and healthy in summer. Furthermore, keep your makeup light and go heavy on sunscreen!

The hydrafacial once a month proves to be very beneficial in bringing radiance and plumpness to your complexion. We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you look healthy and naturally radiant during the hot summer days.

Book a Hydrafacial with BLU Medical Aesthetics!

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation this summer with BLU's Hydrafacial treatment! Say goodbye to dull and tired skin and say hello to a fresh, radiant complexion. Our skilled team of experts is ready to pamper you with a personalized skincare routine that will leave you feeling revitalized and confident. Your skin will thank you!

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