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The Clean Towels are the first disposable, ultra soft, and bio-based face towel. They were created to complete every skincare routine in the cleanest way possible, ensuring the skin is untouched by bacteria, fungus, and build-up that may harbor on regular washroom towels. The Clean Towels are famed for their durability, ultra soft texture, and leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and confident in your skincare.


Can't go without your Clean Towels? Opt for this easy-to-travel-with variation of the Clean Towels XL to easily take with you on vacations, overnights, or anywhere on the go. There are 10 Clean Towels per box to carry you through shorter and longer trips.

10ct Travel size Clean Skin Club Towels

    • Dermatologist tested and approved
    • Always have a clean towel for drying your face
    • May alleviate acne and breakouts, especially those triggered by bacteria or fungus
    • May help reduce symptoms associated with skin conditions (ie. eczema, psoriasis, & dermatitis)
    • Helps maintain a healthy skin barrier
    • Multi-functional in your skincare routine and in your home
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